We are custom geothermal ground loop installation specialists

Thank you for the opportunity for Eldredge Geothermal Solutions to provide you with information regarding geothermal ground loop installations.  We hope to explain the benefits and advantages of these systems and to assure you of our company’s commitment to excellence. As a full service company, we complete an entire project from start to finish, from installing the ground loops to restoring a property to its original condition. 

What sets us apart is our ability to install vertical, horizontal, pond and directionally bored ground loops that are specific to your property and application.  The method that we choose will be the most efficient and cost effective method based on the properties characteristics, soil conditions and rock formations.

Our limited access drilling capabilities give us the advantage when installing these loops in tight spaces

Here Eldredge is Drilling for geothermal in the borough of West Chester. Our small drill not only allowed us access to the site, but it also allowed us to save historic tress and landscaping

I had expected my place to look like a ``war zone`` when they were done. On the contrary, they left it better than they found it. They were efficient, professional, personable - great team.

-John, Cochranville, PA

Horizontally drilled ground loops are an excellent option when land is available and soil conditions are favorable

This is an illustration of 11 -ton directional drilling job in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Horizontally bored loops were appropriate here due to specific obstacles that would have made horizontally trenched ground loops and vertical loops impractical and cost prohibitive. In this challenging situation the supply and return lines were installed under a historic stone wall and patio directly into the basement. Because of this technique there was no damage to the historic hardscaping that would otherwise needed to be disturbed and restored. Vertical drilling was not an option here because of the excessive amount of ground water and a stream on the property. This would have disturbed the local watershed. A horizontally trenched system was not an option because of utilities and underground obstacles that would make that approach cost prohibitive.

Thank you for the excellent work in installing the ground loops for my new geothermal heat pump system. I was very impressed by the professionalism, timely and appropriate communication, and care taken for my property that you and your team demonstrated. Thanks for a job well done.

-Sandy, Parkesburg, PA

Horizontally trenched, or ``slinky`` loops are a great option when land is available. These are the most cost effective way to install a geothermal ground loops. Eldredge Geo Solutions are industry leaders in the innovative approach to the installation of Horizontal loops. Its amazing how you don't have to go far to tap in to the earths renewable energy! We have installed hundreds of horizontal ground loops in applications up to 50 tons!

Jon and his team did an excellent job installing the horizontal ground loops for my 3-ton geothermal system. They were very accommodating to my schedule and requests during the entire job. They did the job efficiently, made an ENORMOUS mess of my yard, and they spent a day cleaning up after the loops were installed to even out the dirt, spread new grass seed and cover with straw. With luck of rain, I had grass growing within days. Now, almost 4 weeks after they finished, my lawn looks infinitely better than before they arrived. My installed system is working great keeping my house warm, and I look forward to seeing lower energy bills this winter. Thanks To Jon, Jason, and Ben for all their work!

-Steve, Wayne, PA

Here Eldredge is installing a pond loop in Willistown, PA. This customer was in the process of dredging their 2 acre pond when they realized the potental of energy that is being stored in the large body of water. Eldredge proved to be the right team for the job!