Go Anywhere Underground - Up to 12`` Diameter & 1000'

Install Pipes Wires and Drains Without Trenches

Eldredge Geo Solutions is a full service underground directional drilling company based in West Chester, PA. Our goal is to team with professional contractors and owners to help complete any type of underground installation project. Fusion services for HDPE pipe can be done by our certified splicers for geothermal, gas, water and sewer. Other services include installation of direct buried cable for TV, communication and power.

Save Time, Money and Mess vs. Backhoe Digging

Whenever you have a remodeling or retrofit project that requires you to run piping or wiring under existing slab structures, landscaping, driveways, parking lots or streets, horizontal drilling can save thousands of dollars of repair or replacement.

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Eldredge Geo Solutions utilizes a Vermeer 16x20A and a Vermeer 24×40 Directional Boring Machine. We can drill up to 1000′ at a time, pulling multiple conduits at a time, or pipe sizes up to 12″. Wherever you are, and whatever you need, Eldredge Geothermal Solutions can be there to tackle your project!

Eldredge installing a 4" PVC sewer line under a patio with a directional drill

We have nothing but good things to say about the work that Eldredge Geo Solutions provided us. We had sewage coming back into our house and 3 plumbers told us that we would have to dig up our newly laid patio to replace the decayed pipe. Not only would it have cost us thousands to replace the piping, but also thousands more to fix the patio and try to match the stone that would have been destroyed. My brother mentioned that we should hire someone who does directional drilling and Eldredge fit the bill. They dug under the patio and inserted new piping that was strong and that tree roots wouldn't penetrate. The crew also hooked all the indoor connections and our problem was solved. The work was done in a timely manner and it saved us thousands of dollars. We would highly recommend Eldredge Geo Solutions for any tough plumbing problem. Jon and the crew did a fabulous job.

Corey and Mel of West Chester

Here Eldredge is installing 3" conduits under a building!

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Need and irrigation line but the cost to dig up the road and repair it is out of the question?  Call the team at EGS to minimize disruption and landscape repair…Its also fast and efficient!

Here EGS is drilling under a creek to minimize the amount of earth disturbance. The cost of getting a permit to dig through the creek was extraordinary…EGS successfully drilled supply lines for an in ground septic system for PR environmental within the budget!

EGS does it again! The wall you see was just built! Customer thought he was going to have to tear it down, cut through the driveway and go through all the hassle of putting everything back together. Think again! EGS successfully drilled and pulled back one 3″ PVC conduit, and 2 1.5″ HDPE lines in the same bore for electric and other utilities.

We recently needed to install a new electric service. The previous service having been heavily damaged by falling branches in Hurricane Sandy we determined the new service had to be underground to protect against further damage. The challenge was that there was no clear path to excavate the needed trench to get the lines installed. A stand of 100 year old oaks stood between the house and the nearest point of utility service. Trenching through the root zone of the trees was out of the question. Eldgredge Geo was able to bore under the trees saving them from any damage and install over 500' of conduit. All this was done, on time and budget on a very tight site in tough, rocky drilling conditions. Our thanks go out to Jon and his crew for helping us both save our trees and get our lights back on!

Phil - Blue Bell PA

Below are just a few of the companies we have worked with installing underground infrastructure using horizontal directional drilling

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