Sewer and Water

Eldredge Geo Solutions is your go to contractor for all your water and sewer needs.  Our specialized equipment and our trained technicians make us the right fit for your project.  We will work with your township and engineering firm (if needed) to complete your project from start to finish.  Our in house directional drilling crew makes us an ideal fit for facing any site challenges you may have.  This means minimal damage to your property that converts to saving you money on restoration costs.  Call today to and start experiencing the EGS difference today.

From Start to finish…Eldredge will take your project and handle it with complete care.

The crew came out and they were friendly and professional at all times. When I had a question they would stop what they were doing and explain it to me until I understood. This is important to me. This was a big process, but my property was handled with care and overall I couldn't be happier. I can't say enough positive things about working with Eldredge Geo.

Jon - Harleysville PA

Here our crew is connecting a lateral line from the house to the main in the road

Having the right tool for the job is the name of the game! "Benny Big Scoops" takes 100% care in every project he tackles!

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